Our Story

How did we get started?

I'm Heather Thomas,

I'm a creative, CEO, mother, wife, friend and lover of wine.  I've never had a bad memory when it comes to wine. (well, there was that one time in college with a jug of Inglenook, but, I digress) Wine is the ultimate connector. I love all the memories I've made over a bottle of wine, from toasting a newly married friend, to celebrating a new job with my husband, to sharing bottles with friends during a dinner party, to earning the purple teeth and hangover from a wonderful girls weekend. I love wine and everything that comes with it. 

I wanted to share my love of wine through witty(self-proclaimed) wine sayings in a trend forward, thoughtful gift for any occasion.

I'm grateful for the memories I have made and will make and I wanted to share my appreciation with wine inspired gifts so Wine Winks was born!

We hope to bring a smile to you, your family and friends with our with our witty wine inspired gifts. Remember to always "Thank them with a Wink!" 


Heather Thomas