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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Wine Winks company and brand. We are extremely proud of the strong and committed network of Retailers who represent us in the marketplace. It is this community of business partners who consistently share and uphold our vision of brand integrity and service excellence.

We look forward to understanding more about your business and building a mutually successful working relationship. We know that you are anxious to get started and so that we may expedite the approval process, please note the following guidelines as you gather and submit the required account information on the registration form.


All wholesale accounts* doing business with Wine Winks must furnish the following items.

  • Valid Business Registration License as required by the state.
  • Current Tax Resale Certificate

Note: Both the legal business name and address on these documents must be consistent with the business name and address on the Wine Winks account.

Account must provide the “Business Type”

  • Physical Store – Store having a physical presence, i.e. Brick & Mortar location
  • Direct Online Store – Account with a website branded by them and NOT a third party (3P) storefront.
    • Must have a functional URL for Wine Winks to review.
    • The website must contain a working “shopping cart” with a secure check out process.
  • Indirect Online Store*– Storefront established and promulgated through an approved third party’ (3P) website. * Must have an active store website with a functional shopping cart in order to be considered as an Indirect Online Store.
    • Wine Winks approved third party storefronts -> amazon.com, Google ®, ebay.com, etsy.com, shoptiques.com, The Bridge, Houzz
    • The following “Third Party” websites are never permitted, approved or acceptable virtual storefronts-> Walmart.com, jet.com, sears.com, Alibaba.com
    • Must provide a list of all third party (3P) website that they participate in.
    • Must provide a list of all brand/company names used in any and all Indirect Online Stores
  • List Other “Business Type”
    • Not Approved “Business Types”
    • Discount or Consignment stores
    • Vendors at local fairs, flea markets and/or trunk shows
    • Kiosks, booths and/or participating vendors within a co-op business i.e. Kiosks/booths in a store with one register.
    • Home Party/Self Employed Businesses
    • In general, Wine Winks does NOT APPROVE retail websites:
      • Created through free website providers, such as Poshmark, Oberlo.
      • Products sold solely through social media outlets such as Facebook or Instagram.
      • Conduct flash sales through Website or social media outlets such as Facebook
      • Conduct presells through Website or social media outlets such as Facebook
      • Conduct sales solely through social media outlets as Facebook or auction sites as eBay
      • Websites claiming all merchandise on site is “handmade” but carry no other lines
      • Any website claiming to be a “wholesale provider.

Note: Wine Winks urges our retailers to only use Facebook as an outlet to promote and advertise our product in conjunction with selling through their storefront and/or Website.

Once complete information and required documentation is received by Wine Winks for account consideration, new applicant details will then be submitted to the appropriate Manager for review. The entire account approval process should take no longer than 7 business days once Wine Winks has received all registration requirements.


  • $250.00 Minimum first order
  • $300 Minimum first order for online ONLY accounts
  • $150.00 Minimum reorder


Wine Winks Wholesale Terms are Net 30 Upon Shipping. 

After 90 days a $25 service fee will be incurred.  Additional charges of $5 per month will be added for each additional month of non payment.   


October News: 

We've partnered with Faire to allow you to order our products with ease!  In addition to easy ordering, we now offer the following benefits through Faire:

  • Net 60 terms on all orders for brick & mortar stores
  • Free returns on your first order
  • Limited time: $100 of credit for our line when you sign up if it’s your first order on Faire plus a full year of free shipping! That's 16 free towels!
  • Click to enter Wine Winks Faire site: Wine Winks Faire Site 
  • Note: Nothing Bundt Cakes are not eligible for the Faire Connection due to NBC franchising restrictions.


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